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by CookieP
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Hello, Futoshi-san (^-^)/

Sorry for being late,
but please let me say "Happy New Year 2013!"

Hope it gonna be alright
because we are still in January, the first month of the year. :D

In this new year, I celebrated by making merits in the way of Buddhism.
I went to a temple to pay respect to the Buddha, set the fish free and donated a coffin for merit.

Because next day (2 Jan) was my birthday, so I tried to do a lot of good things in order to welcome good fortune to my life.

This is the perspective and the practice of most Buddhists of a new year and their birthday. :)

What about you?
How was your new year?
Maybe your miso soup could make you feel warm and happy during the new year. (^ ^)

Anyway, about the new year card,
I think it has probably arrived to your office at Epic Records Japan since Jan 7.

I really hope that you and the other members of Aqua Timez will receive and read it. And hope you guys will like it too. :)

About the rest of the "bwaw" tour 2012-2013, please keep on rocking~!!
Do your best 'til the end of the tour!! \(^o^)/

I will wait for the release date of the DVD of this tour, and also your new songs. :D

I hope we can meet each other one day in the future.
I will try my best to go to Japan and attend your concert there.
Please help pray for me. m(_ _)m

Love Aqua Timez always.

- Cookie -
Bangkok, Thailand
# by cookiep | 2013-01-12 20:11 | Aqua Timez



Good evening, Futoshi-san~

The snow in Hokkaido looks so beautiful.
I do not know whether snow in other places are the same,
because I have never seen it and there is no snow in my country.

By the way, how did you feel after doing the foot massage??
Hope you felt better and slept tight in the night. :)

Do you know Traditional Thai massage??
It is a type of massage in Thai style,
which is very popular among foreigners and Thai people as well.

Maybe there are Traditional Thai massage shops in Japan.
I recommend you trying it once, and you will like it. :)

Anyway, Christmas and new year are coming.
I will send a new year card to Aqua Timez tomorrow (24/12/2012).
Really hope that you and other members in Aqua Timez will receive and read it.

It is the best wishes from me to you guys~

At last, since it is very cold in Japan, please make yourself warm.
I will write to you later. Take care. (^ ^)

P.s. Do your best for the live performance "FamilyMart presents MUSIC FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE" tomorrow!!! Fighting~!!! p(^_^)q

With love from a distant place,
- Cookie -
Bangkok, Thailand
# by cookiep | 2012-12-23 22:52 | Aqua Timez




ツアー初日おめでとうございます‼♪( ´▽`)


行けないです。(/ _ ; )

ブログにツアーについて更新してください!m(_ _)m


- Cookie -
Bangkok, Thailand
# by cookiep | 2012-10-25 19:08 | Aqua Timez



Hello, Futoshi-san

It is 3 days left before the first round of "because we are we" tour starts.
Recently, you guys have to work hard with the tour rehearsal, right?

This year I still cannot go to attend your concert.
But one day I will do it!! I must be able to do it!!
I will try my best in order to go to see you at your concert!! :)

So, please work hard for us, for your fans.
I'll be right here to support you always.❤

For tonight,
お休みなさい(_ _).。o○

- Cookie -
Bangkok, Thailand
# by cookiep | 2012-10-22 02:25 | Aqua Timez

アクアトレイン in ニコ生

On July 7, there was Aqua Train Live Broadcast via Nico Nico channel.
It was my first time to see them in the live broadcast.
I was totally overwhelmed!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Eveyone was very adorable and talkative but not Futoshi-san. :D

Futoshi-san alway stared at the stream comments and read them intentionally.
I think he is a kind of person who is curiosity and really cares for his fans.

Love him soooo much! <3
Actually I love Aqua Timez all. (^з^)-☆

Moreover, in this live broadcast, their new song "Tsubomi" was played,
so did PVs of "Niji" and "MASK".

At a second I saw those both PVs, in my mind shouted "Wow!!".
I was really amazed because I've often thought that it's something hard to see.

But on that day I saw them, so it's more than a gladness. (^_^)

Finally, I was so thankful to everyone who was related in this live program.
You guys made a very wonderful night for a foreign girl.
Thank you soooo much!!

I'm gonna love & support Aqua Timez always.


With Love,

- Cookie -
Bangkok, Thailand
# by cookiep | 2012-07-09 15:39 | Aqua Timez